When to Get an Oil Change for Your Car

When it comes to caring for your vehicle, routine and regular scheduled maintenance are among the most vital necessities. In order to sustain the value and performance of your vehicle, consistent oil changes, tune ups, tire rotations, and other factory scheduled services are required. Continue reading to learn how the frequency of changing your oil affects the overall status of a vehicle.

The Importance of Oil Changes

Cars, trucks, and other vehicles have different requirements when it comes to oil changes. Depending on the make or model of the vehicle, oil change frequencies will differ. Typically, we measure the length of time between scheduled auto services in distances. For example, most manufacturers suggest cars should have their oil changed every 3000 to 5000 miles, depending on the make and model.

Size and vehicle type also influence the rate of which a person should have their oil changed. For instance, diesel engines will have a contrasting oil change schedule compared to a gasoline fuel engine. Larger engines and vehicles burn more fuel, which may require them to have the oil changed more often. Small gasoline-fueled engines get better fuel mileage, resulting in less frequent routine maintenance.

The best way to accurately determine how often you need to change your vehicle’s oil is to ask a professional. This could be the manufacturer of the vehicle in question, or a professional auto repair service technician. Either way, these sources are professional references that can offer truthful tips, answers, and advice.

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