How to Replace Windshield Wipers

With all this recent rain we’re having in Greenwood, drivers are remembering why their windshield wiper systems are so vital to driving safety. Dirt, dust, storms, sleet, snow, and unexpected splashes of mystery ground liquid can dangerously disrupt your view while driving. Could you imagine losing visibility at 60 miles an hour? And with kids in the car? So you see that windshield wipers, and their systems, are vital to the safety of ourselves and our passengers while out on the road. For this reason, it is important to maintain sufficient levels of windshield wiper fluid in your vehicle, and a backup on you at all times, and to pay attention to your windshield wiper quality. Because after some time, they do need replaced.

Windshield Wiper Replacement

You should inspect your wipers on a regular basis to ensure that the plastic and rubber is still in good condition. You should replace windshield wipers when they begin to show signs of deterioration or decline in performance. But in terms of how often they should be replaced, it will largely depend on your region’s climate and environmental factors.

Hot Sunny Climate – 6 Month Inspections – Replace 1x Year
Cold Frigid Climate – 6 Month Inspections – Replace 1x Year
Dry Dusty Climate – 1 Month Inspections – Replace 2x Year

Instruction Guide

To replace your windshield wipers, you will need to purchase new blades. You can find them at any local hardware or automotive store, priced between $10 and $30, on average. Ask the sales associate for help choosing the proper blades, or consult your vehicle’s owners’ manual. Once you have your new blades, you are ready to get started. Remember, if you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself, have a professional car mechanic do it for you.

Here’s how to begin:

Remove the Old Blades. Lift the existing arm from the windshield and push-in the small tab located on its underside where the wiper meets the arm. Once you have pushed in this tab, slide the wiper blade off by pulling the center towards the bottom of the arm.

Line Up the New Blade. Line up the new wiper blade with the wiper arm by moving the hook on the wiper arm over the plastic clip on the new blade.

Pull it Tight and Click it. You must pull the blade tight onto the arm so that it does not fly off while driving. Be sure you hear the clicking sound that indicates your blade is attached.

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