How Often Should You Change the Oil in Your Car?

Oil changes are one of the most important regular services you can provide to increase the lifespan of your car’s engine. Fluid changes and replacements are a must for any car owner; however, the oil is most crucial. Your car’s engine needs clean oil to maintain the highest levels of performance and value. When it comes to figuring out the appropriate amount of time to assign between each oil change, it all depends on the size, make, model, and usage of the vehicle.

Oil Change Schedules

Oil change schedules are usually set in mileage. It can vary from person to person, depending on how much they drive and what kind of car they have. Suggested mileage can range anywhere from a few thousand to 10,000 miles. Some believe that oil changes should take place every 5,000 miles, while others say every three to four months.

When determining this mileage for your car, simply refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific vehicle type. The manufacturer will suggest an appropriate mileage schedule for your vehicle’s exact needs. If your car or truck is fueled by diesel rather than gasoline, your schedule for oil changes may be different.

Ideally, a person should get their car’s oil changed every three to six months, depending on the amount of use they put into it. To always be sure, check with the manufacturer to verify the factory suggested oil change schedule for your car. Another variable that can affect the mileage in between oil changes is climate. In hotter, dustier weather, oil consumption is higher. If you are driving in cooler climates, the need for oil changes can be less frequent.

Greenwood Automotive Services

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