Effective Gas Mileage Improvement

Prices of Gasoline

Gas prices have reached a legendary high in our current economy. In Indiana, these prices have uncontrollably exceeded three and four dollars a gallon! On top of our day to day cars, trucks, and mini vans, many Americans have other machines, equipment, and commodities that require gasoline to run. If there where ways to effectively manage our gasoline consumption when driving our vehicles, we can save in other areas of fuel expenses. Fortunately, there are ways to improve and regulate your fuel consumption! Continue reading to catch up on three simple and convenient methods to using less gas and getting more mileage per tank.

Change the Way You Drive

Many people are unaware that the way you drive your car can affect the amount of gas it uses up per mile. Avoid aggressive driving, such as sudden stopping and starting. Although bumper to bumper traffic and road rage can certainly make this difficult, try listening to some music or think soothing thoughts to relieve the stress you feel during traffic jams. The aggressive driving makes your engine work harder, thus using more fuel at one time. By driving slower, emptying your trunk of heavy items, and avoiding long idling, you will see a drastic difference in the amount of fuel your vehicle uses between fill ups.

Car Pool Every Chance You Can

There is never a good reason to not car pool when the arrangement can easily be made. Carpooling helps everyone involved! Combining trips and taking turns driving is a fantastic way to cut back on fuel usage. A person can try posting a flyer at their school campus or sending a memo at the office. Getting a car pool group together can greatly benefit people financially, as well as, promote a healthier environment!

Proper Vehicle Maintenance is Crucial

The most important part involved in car ownership is routine scheduled maintenance and vehicle care. This is also the most effective and promising way to manage your fuel consumption over a long period of time. Regular oil changes, engine cleanings, inspections, tune-ups, tire rotations, and more are all a part of caring for your vehicle, internally and externally. These checks all contribute to increasing the car’s lifespan and performance. Increasing and caring for the car’s performance influences the amount of fuel it consumes per drive. Staying on top of these regularities is important and worthwhile.

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